Join Our Yardshare Program!

Wanting to garden in the Kitchener-Waterloo area but needing yard space to do so? Or are you wishing for a garden in your yard in this area and lacking the time, energy, or other other means to make that happen? No problem! Follow the steps below to get started on your yardsharing journey. Learn more about our Yardshare program in our FAQs.

Step 1. Take a moment to review our Yardshare Guidelines to make sure Yardsharing is right for you. Review the agreements we have prepared for those interested in sharing land (or in other words, being a Yardsharer) or finding land (as in being Yardshare Gardener) to garden.

Step 2. Declare your interest in being a Yardsharer or Yardshare Gardener. We will aim to upload your information within five business days to our Gardening Portal, where members can find what you are offering. We will email you when that is completed. Note: We respect your privacy and will only display the first three digits of your postal code in the Portal.

Step 3: Whenever someone submits a request to connect with you on the Gardening Portal, you will be sent an email asking you to review your intersted match on the Portal within five business days. If, after checking out your match on the Portal, you are interested in connecting with them, we will provide you with their first name and email. You then get to decide whether to contact them and what information to provide. It is *completely* up to you what you decide.

Step 4. If and when you contact them, you will likely want to interview them to get an idea of what they are needing and expecting. For safety reasons, the best way to do that would be using phone or other remote means. We have provided you with a list of potentially relevant questions to help you with this.

Step 5. Should you feel comfortable with proceeding further, meet up with the landowner(s) or gardener(s) at the Yardsharing property (keeping physical distancing, of course). Check to make sure that everything is in line with what you discussed previously.

Step 6: Should you reach an agreement, perhaps do a physical distancing handshake (perhaps the Star Trek Peace and Prosper sign?) to make an informal agreement. Or you could consider signing a more formal agreement if that feels like it makes sense for you!

Important Note! You are under no obligation, at any step of the way, to continue with your exchange. Should you feel uncomfortable at any point, we encourage you to stop the process immediately. Should you find a match and/or no longer wish to post your submission on the Gardening Portal, notify us by filling out the form to withdraw for either Yardsharers and/or Yardshare Gardeners.