Grow-a-Row FAQs

Who can apply for the Grow-a-Row program?

Anyone who wants to participate in this program can apply! More the participants, More we can help make healthy fresh food accessible in the community! This year we have a goal of donating 10,000 pounds of produce and we are calling on everyone's help to make that goal!

I am interested in participating in the Grow-a-Row program! Although, I want to give my produce to my neighbour instead of an organization (e.g. Food Bank). Is that possible?

Absolutely! The Grow-a-Row food encourages produce to be donated to wherever it is needed. That includes giving the food directly to those in need in the community. You can also grow the food for yourself, if you are personally in need of access to fresh healthy food.

Is everyone who participates eligible to receive free gardening supplies and materials?

Yes! Having said this, the program prioritizes providing gardening supplies and materials to those who are living in the “margins” of society who have been excluded from mainstream culture and will be hardest hit by the changes underway (e.g. new Canadians, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour), LGBTQ+, disabled people, people on low-income, and women). We also prioritize helping experienced gardeners who will be mentoring novice gardeners, in order to increase this community’s reservoir of knowledge about gardening. If you would like to find out how to get free gardening supplies and materials, indicate so when you fill out the Grow-a-Row sign-up form.

What will I receive as part of the Grow-a-Row program?

While supplies last, you will generally receive a standardized amount of the seeds and seedlings that you request. Note that this standardized amount fluctuates as we receive more donations. However, you can request to receive more or less, and we will try and accommodate your request. Also, because each plant grows differently, the number of seeds and seedlings provided will differ depending on plant type. Due to challenges with packing, we may sometimes need to estimate how many seeds we provide.

I would like to support this organization? Is there other ways that I can get involved besides growing food?

Most definitely! You can donate seeds, seedlings and garden tools for those participating in this program. We also accept financial donations to help purchase materials, through our umbrella organization, the Wilfrid Laurier student's organization, LSPIRG. Lastly, we need volunteer help to distribute materials to, and create gardens with, participants in this program, as well as delivering the produce that we are growing!

Who is organizing the Grow-a-Row program?

This project is run under the grassroots organization, KW Urban Harvester. In addition to working with our umbrella organization, the Laurier student organization, LSPIRG, we’ve partnered with the amazing individuals at the Food System Round Table of Waterloo Region.