Who We Are

KW Urban Harvester’s vision is to transform urban green spaces in the Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario area into anything sustainably edible, and to preserve the harvest. We seek to educate ourselves and others on how to grow and harvest food in urban settings, preserve the harvest, and share and save the seeds.


In response to COVID-19 and growing food shortage, KWUH is running a Grow-a-Row program that encourages gardeners to turn a portion of their lawns into gardens, or expand their gardens a little, to grow food for those in need.

KWUH is supporting these efforts online with tips on growing and preserving harvest. If you would like to donate seeds, seedlings and garden tools for this program, we are accepting donations now. Also, we are now accepting financial donations to help purchase materials for those needing assistance to do so, through our umbrella organization LSPIRG.

Over 400 packages of seeds have been donated for the program and the momentum is literally growing!


Don't have space to garden? No problem! We are also providing tips and ideas around yardsharing to help gardeners needing to find space to garden. This information can also help landowners seeking to lend out space for others to garden.

Other initiatives within our group include community gardening, as well as caring for pollinator gardens with the support of Grand River Forestry and other community groups.

Note Regarding COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, food supply chains are breaking down and food security is a growing concern. This is paticularly the case for the vulnerable in our community who may have already been facing food access challenges prior to this crises. KW Urban Harvester has been responding by increasing our efforts to help urban food production. By participating in local food initiatives such as our Grow-a-Row program or getting involved with yardsharing, you are playing a vital role in helping during this time.

Get Involved!

With our broad mandate of promoting urban food production and preserving the harvest, we are open to undertaking a range of activities. This also includes establishing new community gardens, forest gardening, urban foraging, and fruit tree harvesting as well as canning, fermenting and dehydrating. Feel free to contact us for more information and to get involved!

Wise Words...

I have found that caring for seeds and getting our hands in the earth is one of the most powerful medicines for the historical trauma we all carry in some degree in our bodies from the displacement from the land, from knowing our foods and seeds with a familial intimacy.

--Rowen White, Mohawk Seedkeeper

Community Partners:

Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable