Gardening FAQs

Here are some common gardening FAQs. If you have ideas for other resources that might be found here, let us know!

I don't have any land for gardening. Do you have any suggestions?

It can be tough wanting to garden and having no space to do so. There are other options though, including yardsharing and container gardening on a balcony or deck. You could even try sprouting seeds and beans from inside your home to start trying out your green thumb! You could also start your own community garden!

When is the planting season in Kitchener-Waterloo?

In Ontario, on average the frost-free growing season starts May 23 and ends October 31. Kitchener-Waterloo is in plant hardiness zone 5b.

What do I plant and when do I start?

Some crops require a head start indoors as early as mid March before they can be transplanted outside.

Others can be sown directly into the ground when the soil is warm enough. An excellent resource for crop species and their spring or fall planting guide can be found through the National Gardening Association.

What should I consider when planning my garden?

Before planting, your garden needs planning. You ideally need to find an area that receives at least five to six hours of sunlight daily. Consider the amount of space you have available, and allocate a part of your garden for small, rapidly-maturing vegetables to keep tall varieties from overshadowing smaller plants. A quick guide on planting and planning is available from Landscape Ontario.

I'm having a hard time finding seeds this year. Do you have any suggestions?

Due to COVID-19, lots of people are planting gardens this year. We do have some tips on how to still get seeds during this time though.

I am interested in container gardening to maximize my gardening space. Do you have any tips on how to do this?

Yes! Natalie Boustead, the Community Garden Coordinator from Foodshare Toronto has created this amazing video to help folks interested in container gardening.

I heard that there was a ban on community gardening in Ontario? Is that still going on?

The ban on community gardens in Ontario due to COVID-19 was recently lifted. Public Health agencies throughout the province have though implemented community garden guidelines for the outbreak. The guidelines for community gardens in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo are available online.

Is there other legislation related to gardening that I need to be aware of?

When growing food gardens, practicing good agricultural practices and follow laws and regulations pertaining to urban agriculture is important. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs provides some information on food safety legislation. Additional provincial legislation exists as well.