Grow-a-Row Can Impact More than Just Kitchener-Waterloo

Let's set a model to inspire other communities!


Grow-A-Row is a program with an objective to provide 10,000 pounds of produce to those in need this growing season. It is all about inspiring people to grow extra food on their lawns and community gardens to produce much needed fresh healthy food.

While word has gradually been getting out about this program by KW Urban Harvester, its organizers want people to know that they want to have an impact beyond just their target area of Kitchener-Waterloo. They in fact hope to set a model that can be reproduced elsewhere, including in Waterloo Region.

Additionally, they’re hoping people will come to be more familiar with how the program seeks to implement change at the community level. The program allows for this partly by including those who need to grow food for them selves in the program. As well, the program encourages participants to donate food directly to those in the community who need it.

With both lofty goals and an arguably practical approach, the aim of the program is nothing less than to “create a matrix of food support that spreads out and spans the entire Region,” says coordinator Alisa McClurg.

“Ensuring in the process that no one goes without the healthy food they need.”

KWUH has been working to develop the program in partnership with its umbrella organization, the Laurier students’ group, LSPIRG and the Food System Round Table of Waterloo Region. To get involved, visit and start to Grow-a-Row!To get involved visit and Grow-A-Row.

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