Ordering Seeds During COVID-19

Trying to order seeds but having difficulty? Consider ordering from Ontario Seed Home Hardware store in Uptown Waterloo. While many seed ordering companies are backlogged meaning orders can take a long time to arrive (up to 2-3 weeks), with Ontario Seed you can get them in as little as a couple of days.

How to order

The store is presently closed to shoppers, but they will process seed orders by phone and email and with a ‘curb-side pickup’ once they have put the order together. The minimum order is 6 items.

  1. Call the store at 519-886-2990 - They will ask for your telephone number and then email you a seed order form.

  2. Fill out the seed order form - Select the items you desire from their on-line catalogue, fill out your order form, and email it back to them.

  3. Await a call-back - After they receive your order, they will phone you back and notify you of the exact time when your order is ready for pick-up.

  4. Pick-up - You will pick up your order from the parking lot at the back door, which is accessible from Regina Avenue.* They prefer payment by debit or credit card with a tap feature, to minimize contact with you. A common pick-up time will be arranged for a number of customers, who are asked to stand 2 meters apart in a line.

As someone who did this recently reported, don't be surprised to see others in line with you, with dreamy looks on their faces as they contemplate the fresh produce they will eventually dine on in the summer. :-) Apparently the wait in line can take about thirty minutes, so you will need to schedule yourself a bit of time to wait. At least though you can get your seeds in time for planting!