Suggested Yardsharing Questions

Here are some suggested questions that anyone interested in yardsharing may wish to consider prior to entering a yardsharing agreement. Give them careful thought and hopefully you should prevent misunderstandings from arising after-the-fact.

Gardening Questions

  1. What would be the ideal size of garden(s)?

  2. Where is the property located so that the gardener knows how far they would have to travel?

  3. What are you both hoping to grow?

  4. What percentage of grown produce would the landowner like to receive?

  5. Does either of you have any expectations about how the garden might look?

  6. How much sun would the garden(s) receive?

  7. What is the quality of the soil where the garden(s) be located?

  8. Is there an expectation that the garden will be organic or can certain chemicals be used?

  9. Are there any laws and regulations that may affect the garden? If unsure, you may want to check with any relevant governing bodies (e.g. due to COVID-19, community gardens need to follow certain guidelines to which yardsharing applies.)

Scheduling Questions

  1. Does the owner have a preference of the days of week that the gardener would come and are there any times that they would like private?

  2. How often and the length of time they would be comfortable with the gardener visiting?

  3. Who might the gardener be able to bring along with you to the garden?

  4. Who might the landowner have present while the gardener is there? Does the landowner have any children and if so, what are their ages?

  5. Does either the landowner or gardener have any pets that might be present in the garden?

Disruption or End of Service Questions

  1. Who will care for the garden when the gardener is away and what happens if the garden is neglected?

  2. How long will the arrangement last for? Will it be indefinite or for a certain period of time?

  3. Under what circumstances might either of you end the arrangement? Are there any expectations regarding what happens when this occurs such as returning the yard to its original state?

In addition to these questions, you may wish to ask if there are any other comments or questions that either or you missed.

Note that the above information does not serve as legal advice. This information is merely provided "as-is" for consideration by interested parties.