Over 400 Seed Packages Donated!

Grow-a-Row Program launches amidst COVID-19

KITCHENER/WATERLOO, ON, June 2, 2020 – This past weekend, over 400 packages of seeds were donated to the Grow-a-Row program that encourages people to grow food for those in need. Combined with the funds that KW Urban Harvester (KWUH) raised through a grant from LSPRIG and in-kind donations elsewhere, KWUH has amassed an incredible number of seeds for its program.

In addition to the seeds, hundreds of seedlings and sprouts, including beans, tomatoes and lettuce, have been grown and collected by the help of volunteers. The garden materials will be provided as needed to community gardens and community organizations. As word about the program spreads, these garden materials will hopefully find more homes.

The Grow-a-Row program asks people to grow food either in their yards and/or community garden. To make the program accessible to those who cannot afford garden materials, KWUH has been collecting donations of seeds, seedlings and such. The group also started a fundraising drive to purchase garden materials. The program is part of a worldwide Grow-a-Row movement to ensure access to fresh produce at the local community level.

While the program was begun in response to COVID-19, those involved want to help alleviate food insecurity and food access concerns over the long-term beyond the current crisis. KWUH has been working to develop the program in partnership with its umbrella organization, the Laurier students’ group, LSPIRG, the Food System Round Table of Waterloo Region, and the Community Garden Council of Waterloo Region. To find out how you can get involved with Grow-a-Row, go to https://www.kwurbanharvester.org/grow.

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