Yardsharing FAQs

What is Yardsharing?

Yardsharing is a worldwide movement that involves connecting land owners with available growing space to gardeners seeking land to grow. Gardeners benefit by securing land on which to grow their produce. Land owners can benefit by receiving an agreed upon percentage (no more than 50%) of the produce. KW Urban Harvester (KWUH) has been involved off an on with yardsharing over the years, and with the current crisis we started a Yardshare Program to help people get involved in this movement.

What are other benefits of yardsharing?

Yardsharing prevents valuable growing space from going to waste and helps ensure access to fresh produce at the local community level. Yardsharing can also connect the community together in the common purpose of producing food, overcoming in the process social divides, isolation and even depression which has been shown to improve through gardening.

This has been important even at the best of times, given how food production presents a multitude of challenges and concerns and food access can be difficult for the vulnerable in our communities. Now during COVID-19 with food supply chains progressively eroding and growing economic upheaval, yardsharing can play an even more critical role in promoting food security.

What kind of support will I receive?

We know the prospect of gardening can seem daunting. Many of us are not accustomed to growing our own food, buying it instead from stores. Even more challenging maybe is working with others you do not know to grow food. To make the journey easier, KWUH is working on providing on supporting growers online with gardening tips, links and special guests throughout the season.