Yardsharing Gardener Agreement

Yardsharing Gardener Agreement

Outlined below is the agreement for a Yardshare gardener (referred to from this point onward as “Gardener”) who is using someone else’s Yardshare (referred to from this point onward as “Yardsharer”) to grow produce.

We at KW Urban Harvester (KWUH) strive to be a caring and inclusive community. With this in mind, we have prepared this agreement, so as to set expectations before you invest your time and resources into a yardshare. We ask that you read this agreement in full before deciding whether to participate. By adhering to these agreements, we hope that your yardsharing experience will be fun and enjoyable!

Use of Yardsharing Space

Those using Yardsharing space are expected to follow the following guidelines with respect to use of the space:

Yardsharer rules: Respect the rules that Yardsharers give you regarding the use of their space.

Yardshare start date: Begin Yardshare activities at the agreed upon date/time.

Others in and around Yardshare: Abide by the Yardsharer’s rules about who can be in and around the Yardshare when they are there; and whether visitors and children are allowed (referred to from this point onward as “Guests”).

Visitation times: Abide by the Yardsharer’s rules about when, and how often, you and your Guests are allowed to come; and requested private times.

Yardshare neatness: Ensure that the Yardshare remains sightly for the Yardsharer and neighbours. Clean up after yourself.

Litter: Put all Yardshare trash and debris in designated trash receptacles. If receptacles are not provided, bring your own and take any trash you create with you.

Be responsible: Turn off taps when they are not in use, and do not leave uncovered holes or pits without notifying/consent from the Yardsharer.

Away times: Abide by your agreements with the Yardsharer about who will tend to your Yardshare when you are away.

Harvest time: Harvest the Yardshare by the agreed upon date, and provide the Yardsharer with the percentage of the harvest to which you agreed.

Return keys: If you were provided the key to a shed or any other physical access token, return it to the owner at the end of the Yardsharing agreement.

Chemicals in Garden: Follow your agreement with your Yardsharer regarding the use of chemicals on the garden. Be sure to also abide by Regional regulations.

No smoking: Do not smoke tobacco/cannabis or use e-cigarettes, etc. without authorization by the Yardsharer.

Animals: Do not bring any pet animals onto the Yardshare site without express permission of the Yardsharer, unless these animals are assistance animals as defined by the AODA.

End of Yardshare Agreement: Your Yardshare Agreement (referred to from this point onward as “Agreement”) officially ends at the end of each calendar year and can be renewed by entering into a new Agreement with the Yardsharer. To avoid misunderstandings, try to reach any agreements upfront regarding whether and for long your Agreement can be renewed. Note: Any Agreement you reach is only informal and not legally binding.

Community Standards

The Gardener is expected to abide by our community standards, which include:

  • Avoiding breaking commitments once they are made

  • Being responsive once a Yardsharer/Gardener relationship is formed

  • Respecting other peoples’ property and personal effects.

  • Avoiding disturbing the surrounding community

  • Not stealing, vandalizing, or extorting.

  • Not violating the privacy or intellectual property rights of others.

  • Treating everybody in the KWUH community with respect, regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, skin colour, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age.

  • Refraining from discriminatory behaviour and hate speech

  • Refraining from bullying or harassing others

  • Not endangering or threaten anyone

Privacy of Yardsharer

Respect your Yardsharers’ personal information and privacy. If you are matched with a Yardsharer, you will receive their name, contact information, and address, as well as any other information that they choose to provide to you. It is your responsibility to comply with relevant privacy laws. You should only use personal information provided to you by a Yardsharer to conduct Yardshare activities.

Ensure that your use of security cameras and other recording devices is in accordance with applicable municipal, provincial and federal laws and regulations.

Yardsharing during Quarantine and Isolation

Yardshares are considered community gardens and Gardeners need to follow the Region of Waterloo’s COVID-19 Guidelines for Community Gardens which include self-isolating when you have symptoms of the disease, maintaining a distance of 2 metres apart from those outside your household, properly wearing masks, and sanitizing garden equipment appropriately. Be sure to refer to these guidelines for a complete outline of what is required.

Communications Via Platform

This User Agreement is held between You, the User, and Us, KWUH’s umbrella organization, the Laurier Students’ Public Interest Research Group (LSPIRG). Our User Agreement pertains only to direct communications and transactions between Us and You. If our Gardening Portal platform has been used to facilitate communication or yardsharing relationship with another user, we accept no liability for the nature of these communications or contacts.

Portal Use

Do not use this platform for commercial advertising. Also, do not use this platform if you are under the age of 18.


KWUH does NOT, at this time, handle disputes. You are expected to abide by our community standards, and to follow applicable Municipal, Provincial, and Federal laws and by-laws. We encourage disputes to be resolved peacefully and thoughtfully. If appropriate, involve necessary authorities.

Agreement to Comply

If you do not agree to comply with this User Agreement, you will not be allowed to use this Portal to seek out Yardsharers using the Gardening Portal. If necessary, you can terminate your account by contacting us regarding your account.

Feel free to contact us at legal if you have any other questions about this agreement.