Donate to Grow-a-Row!

Grow-a-Row is a worldwide movement to ensure access to fresh produce at the local community level.

In times of crisis, we see how vulnerable our food system is to social and environmental shocks. Growing extra food on our lawns or at our community gardens can provide much needed food for our Kitchener-Waterloo's vulnerable population. Due to COVID-19, we are already seeing a doubling in the use of area food banks. The next few years of economic hardship could be lightened by YOUR participation in our Grow-a-Row program.

Step 1. Declare your intention to Grow-a-Row, or messy patch , (depending upon how you garden :) ), of food for donation. Also you can garden at either your home or in a community garden, or even a windowsill. If you are experiencing food insecurity and need to support your own needs, that is perfectly fine too!

Step 2. Residents plant the sprouts and seedlings and start to Grow-a-Row of food for donation or, in a messy patch. Whatever you prefer. :)

To help you with your gardening journey, feel free to refer to our gardening resources. We also recommend that you refer to the Farmer's Almanac for growing tips!

Step 3. Keep track of the total weight of produce that you have grown and are donating using this form.

Step 4. Deliver this produce either directly to people in need within your community, or to a participating Grow-a-Row food organization that will give out the food such as the Food Bank of Waterloo Region or the Community Fridge KW. If donating to an organization, try to contact them early so they know in advance what you will be giving.

Step 5. Submit your forms to no later than November 1, 2021.

Our goal is to see if we can grow 10,000 pounds of total produce together. Let's see if we can fulfill that goal! Feel free to check out our FAQs to learn more about the program.


If you would like to donate seeds, seedlings and garden tools for those participating in this program and needing assistance to obtain these materials, we are accepting donations of these materials now. We are also accepting financial donations to help purchase materials, through our umbrella organization, the Wilfrid Laurier student's organization, LSPIRG. If you are interested in volunteering to help with the program, we'd love to here from you too! Check out our FAQs to learn more about the program.