Yardsharing Pilot

KW Urban Harvester is undertaking a Yardsharing pilot program that will match landowners with available growing space in the Victoria Park neighbourhood with gardeners seeking land to garden. The Yardsharing pilot program bases its inception from the worldwide concept of yardsharing, which seeks to prevent valuable growing space from going to waste and ensures access to fresh produce at the local community level.

How it works:

1) Check that you meet the conditions for Yardsharing Landowners and Gardeners (below).

2) If you meet the conditions, fill out the appropriate form depending upon if you are a Landowner or a Gardener.

3) The Yardsharing pilot program coordinator will be in touch to let you know when a match is available.

4) Review the information provided by the Yardsharing coordinator and decide if you want to reach out to your match.

5) Review our suggested Yardsharing Agreements, and start Yard Sharing!

6) Contact the Yard Share coordinator with any questions or concerns at sharingyards@gmail.com.

Conditions for Land Owners and Gardeners

Yard Share Land owners must:

  • Be located in the Victoria Park Neighbourhood,
  • Have at least 6 hours of sun on the land intended for growing,
  • Have access to a water spout and provide water for gardening, and
  • Adhere to the User Agreement.

Yard Share Gardeners must:

  • Be located in or nearby the Victoria Park neighbourhood,
  • Have knowledge and experience with growing food,
  • Provide all of their own seeds, soil, and tools (if needed, you may request possible free seeds, seedlings, soil and tools), and
  • Adhere to the User Agreement.

Click here to register as a land owner

Click here to register as a gardener.