Yard Share

Lending Land

KW Urban Harvester is a partner of Sharing Backyards - an organization that seeks to build connections between those looking for land to garden organically with those lending land.

If you are interested in lending your yard for someone in the community to use, see our interactive lending land and looking for land map to register your plot of land for use. Please note that as we are a group of volunteers, KW Urban Harvester acts only as a facilitator for establishing the relationship between land owner and gardener. Ultimately, the details of any agreement to the use of private land is between the land owner and the individual gardener.

Looking for Land

We encourage independent gardeners in the community to tend to their own urban farming endeavors. Likewise, through our interactive lending land map, individuals and/or organizations can post that they are looking for land. Individuals and/or organizations can also search through the lending land listings in the KW area to contact those in the community they can borrow land from. Please contact those who have land to garden in the manner specified by them.

If you are looking for land see here